Barbara Purdy's sultry, elegant soprano has an intimate appeal. Channelling the sounds of a bygone era, she sings the classics of all genres in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Patois. And her performances will leave you breathless. For her, singing is a sacred act, and she becomes a whirlwind of celebration as she embodies each composition. 

You’ll most likely find Barbara performing in sold-out concert halls, cabaret clubs like Don’t Tell Mama or at one of her famous Concert Series for Seniors, but you'll feel like you're the only other person in the room. Her turn of phrase is enchanting, and much like Ella Fitzgerald or Sarah Vaughn, her voice creates a tantalizing connection that will make you feel like she's your best friend. Or your secret lover. 

Barbara's professional debut was as a singer and dancer at Radio City Music Hall. Since then, she's toured the world, created and starred in countless one-woman shows, appeared in operas, concerts, and television shows, and had principal roles in critically-acclaimed plays such as Porgy and Bess, Blues On The Subway, and Langston (Hughes) Speaks. The Good News, NYC,  says: “Because of the sustained high-quality of her performances, she can only be classified as a Diva artist….The soprano has a glowing, gracious presence.” 

A longtime resident of the Bronx, Barbara is passionately involved in her community.  Barbara and her quintet, The Barbara Purdy Jazz Combo, run two successful annual concert series entitled  “A Concert Series For Seniors” and "Concerts On The Go!" Both are part of a community service initiative sponsored by the Bronx Council On The Arts, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and generous, private donors. The series arranges concerts for older adults who don't have the financial means, opportunity, or physical strength to go out and hear live music presented by professionals.

Although the concerts were originally designed for seniors, with the addition of "Concerts On The Go!", (mostly outdoor or covid conscious spaces), everyone - regardless of age - is invited to attend these free outdoor events! The community also shows its special appreciation for Barbara as well. Countless audience members have said things like: “Your whole body sings.” “You mean what you sing.” “You sing with your soul and spirit.” “You sing from your heart." " Thank you for bringing downtown uptown." And she does. 

La Diva has produced two DVDs - " Free Spirit " and " Me and My Black Self "  - and has released an album of spirituals and Black art-songs entitled "My Tribute". She has also recently released a new CD entitled, "Living & Loving It! " which is a collection of jazz, love ballads, classic pop (old school), R&B, blues, and Broadway show tunes.